Science on the Street

Date: Nov. 2-11
Location: Downtown Pensacola - Palafox Street
Event Website: Pensacola MESS Hall

In this past two years, Foo Foo Fest attendees have been dazzled by an unexpected exhibit – Science on the Street.

This year, Science on the Street looks at scientists through history.

Festival attendees will be entertained while walking to and from attractions when they see the interactive science exhibits. This year attendees will see a demonstration that proves Pythagorean Theorem, a sundial in honor of Eratosthenes, a Bridge of Pensacola exhibit imitating Leonhard Euler’s Bridges of Konigsberg and a coprolite specimen to celebrate Mary Anning.

The science does not stop in the streets. Pensacola MESS Hall is taking the activities to a local brewery for a Brew and Build Night, with building materials including a large foam Imagination Playground, Keva planks and Legos.

Attendees can also participate in Science Trivia to test their knowledge on Science in the Street activities.

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