Science on the Street & Fossil Hunt

Nov. 3 - 14

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Pensacola MESS Hall

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The Pensacola MESS (Math, Engineering, Science & Stuff) Hall is bringing fun to the streets with “Science on the Street,” an interactive science experience.

As part of Foo Foo Fest, the Pensacola MESS Hall will present a second installment of “Science on the Street.”

Downtown Pensacola’s Palafox Street, from Garden St. to Main St., will be transformed from an ordinary sidewalk to a stroll through science. Anchoring the exploration will be a geologic timeline, highlighting notable events during the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history.

Exhibits such as a dinosaur that appears to follows you with his head, a shimmer wall and vortex cannon, and a large scale Newton’s cradle provide hands on experiences. Bring your body and your brain to try out some illusions and puzzles, too. The activities will be installed for the duration of the festival, from November 3-14, twenty-four hours a day.

MESS Hall Fossil Hunt

To enhance the geological exploration, the MESS Hall will also offer a fossil hunt on site on Veteran’s Day, November 11.

Participants will dig through fossil rich Eocene marine sediment, remnants of the variety of animals that lived in shallow tropical seas that covered much of current Florida and Alabama approximately 50 million years ago.

Shark teeth, sting ray, sawfish, turtle, fish, and other marine fossils are common finds in the sediment, and participants will keep what they find. Experts will be on hand to help identify your finds as you start your own fossil collection. This program is included with admission, but space is limited so preregistration is recommended.

For more information about Science on the Street, visit or call 1-877-YES-MESS.


Founded in 2012 and located at 116 N. Tarragona Street in Downtown Pensacola, The Pensacola MESS Hall is not a typical science museum. It’s all hands-on science. Visitors enjoy exploring math, engineering, science, and stuff with an ever-changing menu of mess kits, activities and exhibits. For more information, about the MESS Hall, visit


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