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Women of Fire Exhibition

visual arts
Date: Nov. 1-2, 5-9, 12
Location: Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts, Pensacola State College

From prehistoric to present times, Fire – associated with strength, vitality, and passion – has been integral to advancing culture. Kicking off the collaborative events with First City Art Center (FCAC), Pensacola State College (PSC) will display an exhibition entitled Women of Fire and host an Opening Reception/Night of Demonstrations.

The Women of Fire Exhibition, which will run from October 29 – December 7, will feature artists, Corrina Sephora, blacksmith, Hillary Heckard, glassblower, Rachel Wright, mixed media glass artist and Meredith Hartsfield, torch worked glass. These female artists harness the energy of the element and use fire to create art while debunking stereotypes.

The Opening Reception and Night of Demonstrations on November 1 will consist of a torch work demo, blacksmithing demos, glassblowing demonstrations as well as an opportunity to talk and interact with the artists.

Opening Reception and Night of Demonstrations

Date: November 1

Time: 6:00 -8:00p.m.


Photo Credits: Cameron Patterson and fire artist Marina C Quirk,  Tom Meyer, Alex Martinez, Rachel Wright



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