visual arts
Date: Nov. 3-5 (live painting), Nov. 2 -13 (Installation)
Location: Palafox Market
Event Website: Cubed Gulf Coast

Public art takes on a new level of inspiration and interactivity as the Pensacola Museum of Art at the University of West Florida, artists and independent curators Evan Levin and Ashton Howard present “CUBED.”

The live painting event features artists creating unique murals on a cube, with an individual painting on each of the four sides. The artists are taking inspiration from the Thirty Million Word Initiative to start a conversation about the parent-directed program designed to educate families on the importance of parent language.

Each artist will also incorporate an interactive design for photo opportunities. The audience will have the opportunity to watch the artists at work, see the progress, and talk to them about their inspiration. CUBED brings art to everyone and inspires creativity and innovation in all spectators.

Live Painting Time and Information

The painting will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on November 3-5, and the finished art installations will remain in place through the end of Foo Foo Festival on November 13.

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