3D Printsacola Featuring Rodney Mullen

Nov. 7–8

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3DPrintsacola combines machine generative art with hands-on art-making practices. This innovative event is created in collaboration with IHMC, as visual artists and makers explore 3D design and 3D printing by utilizing a variety of tools and concepts. Through a series of interactions in workshops prior to the main event, the public is invited to celebrate the unveiling of a new interactive sculpture. All are welcome to engage in the experience of live-action 3D printing on a large scale and small scale, combined with artists demonstrating hands-on processes at 3DPrintsacola hosted by First City Art Center (FCAC).

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IHMC and FCAC will collaborate using innovative methods to create 3D printed skateable concrete “Skulptures”, beginning work in July to unveil the finished “Skulpture” at 3DPrintsacola. The “Skulpture” will be designed by FCAC’s Creative Scientist, David Fries from IHMC, and Rodney Mullen, “The Godfather of Modern Street Skating” from Redondo Beach, CA. These two will be the Keynote speakers on November 7, and THE Rodney Mullen will be skating on the “Skulpture” at 3DPrintsacola, which is embedded with augmented reality (AR), an interactive experience where the skateable object translates human engagement with the object in real-time. The ultimate destination and new home for the first “Skulpture” is the City of Pensacola Skate Park currently under construction.

There will be a hands-on activity area for kids to drop in and experiment with stamps and printmaking techniques, and there will also be an incredible learning opportunity utilizing IHMC’s 3D Printable STEAM robots, geodesic dome structures that create their own patterns on paper as they move. A 3D printer will print models using biodegradable plant-based plastic filament near a ceramic artist making impressions into a clay surface, eventually combining hand-made with machine-made into its own unique form of art. Glass demonstrations will also incorporate 3D Printing processes in the production of sculptural glass forms.

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